Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two-tone Roll Top Desk

 Makeover weeks continues...

I finished this Two-tone Roll-top desk recently for a local couple. 

 Here's the before:

Check out that faux marble writing surface!

They had a specific idea in mind for refinishing it. Crisp white body, stained interior shelf. 

 The color is a Pantone Premium color in "Cloud Dancer".

 I took one look at that roll top and knew I would need to spray this piece. 
After spraying two coats of primer, it got three coats of the Cloud Dancer. Sanded smooth, then two coats of wax all over.

The inside was a bit of a different story. 
The writing area had that faux marble top. So I did three coats of OIL based primer, three coats of the paint and then three coats of wax. Whew! That was a lot of work for a tiny area!

I sanded the inside shelving area, then applied a coat of wood conditioner, then two coats of stain. It soaked up the stain perfectly! I'm convinced the wood conditioner did the trick! It really helped the stain not to get too streaky. The stain color is "Kona" by Varathane.

 It's the deepest, darkest stain I've worked with and I absolutely loved the look of it. Sidenote: don't be fooled by the crisp line between the stain and the writing surface. That was some SERIOUS trial and error trying to get that just right - SO tricky. At one point, I sat down on our front stoop, a tad frustrated, and Kyle brought me a butterfinger ice cream treat cause I was a little befuddled. Ice cream always provides painting breakthroughs for me. :)

I painted the writing surface first, then stained the back area. Wrong method. :( 
So I back tracked after getting a little stain on the writing surface. Resanded it all down after I stained it, taped the shelving area off and covered it all up with wax paper, and then resprayed it. Yep - sometimes we learn the hard way. But I stuck it out and it came out wonderfully.

The owner of the desk picked out all the new hardware. I realllly liked the industrial vibe of the hardware. Changed the whole look of the piece.

It's now in it's new home.

Working on cleaning out this garage of mine before a few more custom pieces get dropped off! 
Good grief - you wouldn't believe the stock of furniture I have.

I see a break in the rain, so I better run outside and get some painting in!