Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Refinish Furniture Hardware: A Tutorial

Sometimes the best way to update hardware on a refinished piece of furniture is to simply use the existing hardware -- just giving it a makeover!

It's not only less expensive than purchasing new hardware, it also preserves the integrity and look of the period piece, creating a much more authentic, yet updated, look.

Here's a quick, 5-step tutorial for refinishing furniture hardware. 

Step 1 :: Gather supplies
Sanding wedge and damp cloth
Oil based spray primer (Kilz is my brand of choice) 
Spray paint (I tend to use glossy spray for hardware)
Sealant or Protectant (Minwax brand is my favorite)

Step 2 :: Clean and prime
Wipe down your hardware with a damp cloth, removing dust and debris from all the crevices, and spray one coat of oil based primer. Don't use water-based primer, it won't adhere to the hardware as well and endure the everyday use of the pulls.

Sorry for these awful nighttime photos; had to take advantage of kid-less moments!
Step 3 :: Sand
To give your hardware that smooth finish, make sure you sand down the primed hardware with a sanding wedge (150 - 200 grit, fine to extra fine). Then wipe down with a damp cloth. You are ready to paint!

Step 4 :: Paint
Give your hardware three light coats of spray paint. Don't try to coat the hardware the first time around. You will get an uneven and "drippy" finish. Three light coats will do the trick! 

Step 5 :: Seal/protect your hardware
Spray two light coats of Minwax Polycrylic in "Satin" or a spray protectant of your choice. Let dry overnight and reattach your hardware to the furniture.

And here's a sneak peak of the side table and credenza we're just about finished with! 
They're turning out great! And will be available in the shop this week. :)